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Gratitude - Working It, Every Single Day.

All these yogis and gurus, coaches and spiritual folks preach gratitude as a way to change your mind, your way of thinking and hopefully, your way of life...I have been so skeptical and cynical for so long, I had convinced myself it was all a sham. Recently, however, I have realized that my thought processing tends to swing toward the negative too often and I no longer want to be that person. I was never so cynical as to be considered caustic, but, I've been told on more than one occasion by more than one person that I have a sharp tongue and can hurt with my words. Ouch.

What and even how to share and show gratitude can be a bit daunting for those who don't come to it naturally. So, to start. Of course I'm grateful for my nice house, my fabulous clothes, my nice car, my good job...blah blah blah. It goes without saying I'm grateful for my wonderful husband and children and siblings that are helping me with my son in Canada. Yes, of course I am. Even when I bitch and moan about my continuously aching and creaky neck and shoulders or occasional bouts of vertigo I realize it could be a lot worse and then suddenly become grateful for my health. Check that one too. But is it really what I'm trying to speak to?

Heading out on one of my daily walks with the dog, I stepped outside the house and noticed the quirky mismatched pots of flowers on my porch; they made me smile. That is the kind of thing I am really grateful for! I want to take note and make note of all the simple things, not the grandiose gestures or obvious milestones that we're expected to mark. I want to salute the weird and wonderful, less obvious little joys in life. Therefore, I have set myself a goal to note a different one every single day. I know I'll miss a few (this is ME we are talking about) but my aim is true, as Elvis would say.

Last year, a good friend opened a new gallery in another town. I don't get there as often as I'd like but I try and make the effort to go see her and support her venture. I don't have a big budget for art, but I love it just the same. I've been fortunate to interview many a wonderful artist and my appreciation is steadfast. On my first visit to her gallery, I fell in love with a small piece of art that was colorful and joyful and whimsical and so very me. Of course I had to buy it! I knew the minute I saw it that it would make me smile every time I looked at it. It does. I keep it at my office so I only get to see it Monday - Friday and believe me, I want to gaze upon it on Saturday and Sunday too. And so, this is where my gratitude project begins.

Additionally, I have noted my dog (no surprise), donating blood, and the Home & Garden magazine section at Barnes & Noble. They don't really have much in common except that they make me appreciate life and my life in particular. Will some of these notes of gratitude be lame or weird? Probably. Like right now, for instance, I am sitting at my desk and looking at those self address label stickers one receives in the mail for a tiny donation to a charity. Some of them are classy with the first letter of my last name, while others are kinda hokey with snowman faces. Some have my name as Ms. Meaghan Clark and others as Mrs. Meaghan Clark. Whatever. I totally appreciate the lost art form (?) of sending snail mail and it always feels more special when I stick one of these suckers on an envelope. I dig them. With me?

I worry I won't be able to keep this up for another 361 days so I am reaching out and asking you to share some ideas. I will try not to steal them, but instead, hope to be inspired by them. Please share what gives or makes you feel gratitude in this world. If you want to post them here or on my FB page, feel free. I'd prefer the feed stay fairly PG so if you have something really juicy, maybe PM me.

Eternally grateful,


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