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Transformation - It is time.

There seems to be a collective shift happening in 2018. So many of us are experiencing change; big change that is turning out to be trans formative. Some of us are accepting it willingly, while others are fighting it with every fiber of our being. It's a strange time.

Though I've always had a side hustle of writing assignments and freelance clients, I decided 2018 was going to be the year I turn my side hustle into my primary job. 2018 is going to be the year I work at my business full time. It's a frightening prospect and yet, exciting as well. It's not quite been one month and already I'm giving myself a hard time, looking for another side hustle. This is the part of me that seems to be fighting the transformation, not embracing it.

Each day begins with a to-do list or a review of the previous day's list of tasks to accomplish. Some are simple (paying a bill, making a phone call) while others are monumental (write first blog post)! The hours spent working aren't quite full time and they definitely aren't on a regular 9-5 schedule. There are periods in the daytime for work, for errands and for play. There are many times in the evening or even the early morning (like now - ahem) when sitting down in front the computer seems like a good idea. This is the part of the transformation I am embracing.

Many of my friends and loved ones are experiencing their own transformations, for better or for worse. The word came up over the weekend at a gathering of women friends who were sharing their aspirations for the year. Surprisingly, it wasn't me who brought it up. But, it resonated with many of us.

As I pondered a name for yet another blog, this word kept popping up in my conscience. Will I be able to write about changes consistently this next year? I believe so. I know that are a million tiny steps to take and that a transformation is as much a journey as it is a goal. I'm going to work at being flexible, patient and aware. If I can at least accomplish these, I know 2018 will be trans formative.

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