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If you can be anything, be kind. Even in the car.

I am working on being more kind. It's not like I'm NOT kind...I could just be more of it. I am mostly kind, except in the car. I am definitely NOT kind in the car. It's not the best part of me, for sure, but I am aware that I must make a change.

Now before I get going on kindness, I'd like to clarify that kindness is not the same as being nice. Nice is easy. Nice is holding doors, saying "Excuse Me" (or "Sorry" if you're Canadian) when you accidentally bump into someone. Nice is more polite. But, kind...that's a whole nuther thing.

Let me share examples of what I think of as acts of kindness and how I cherish those. Sending someone you love an actual card in the mail because you've been thinking of them or know they are in a tough place...that's kind. Going out of your way to support a friend whose endeavors you don't really like but you love them...that's kind. Volunteering to help out someone in need whether you know them or not but because they need the help...that's kind.

Calling other drivers names, gesturing unfavorably, mocking their driving abilities (or lack thereof) is not kind. It's kinda mean. Wait. It is just plain mean. I wish that wasn't me but, it is. The not-so-nice me thinks a good many drivers in this town stink and I tell them all, all the time. In the privacy of my own car, of course.

The really crappy part of that is, I've done it a bunch of times in front of my kids. They learned a great many of their best swear words driving with mom. (I am hanging my head in shame, don't worry.) SO, they know their mom is kind and they also know she can be not-so-freakin-nice. I get it. I need to do better and be better.

I am pretty sure the world would be in much better shape if more of us were more kind, more often. If we looked out for our less fortunate and less favored brothers and sisters, think of how much better we'd all be? If we stand up for those whose voices are stifled or silenced, the world would be a much, much better place. If we extended our hands, our homes, our hearts to others who are suffering, the world would be a very different place. Imagine it! Now, let's all do that, please.

Also, if you happen to see my driving by, please wave or smile or do something really nice so I have to return the favor and be nice as well. I need some help here. I am going to try and remember the mantra to not say or do anything if it isn't kind. Even in and especially in the car.

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